One month to go

It’s thirty days until I fly out to Washington State to see Cowboy. It doesn’t sound like long, but it’s astonishing how long a day can be when you are apart from the one person you want to see more than anything.

Cowboy is a Scorpio, I am an Aries. If you buy into this sort of thing, we should be a pretty good match – my parents are the same combination and have been married (mostly happily) for well over thirty years.

It means, in this waiting period, that I am prone to random, ridiculous outbursts of frustration, rage, loneliness and love. Cowboy is prone to be stoic, calm, logical and quiet about his feelings, although he is starting to admit that he might be having trouble sleeping because he’s just as impatient as I am for our summer together to get started.

Here are some things I’ve been doing to try to keep busy now that university is over for the summer, and I still have time to kill before I can pack my bag:

  1. Cooking – I love to make food, and I will often spend a day in the kitchen. Last week I spent twenty minutes peeling chickpeas because I’d read that it would make my houmous smoother. I’m not convinced yet. But it passed the time.
  2. Moving things around – my room in my shared house isn’t huge, but it’s ample if you’re a normal person who can throw things out. I happen to be a hoarder. I have recently re-jigged my storage options around my room and found homes for things that previously lived “in that pile there”. I’m still a chaotic mess, but it passed the time.
  3. Xbox – I am a girl who games. Just a little. I’m terrible at shooting and driving, so my game options are limited to things with auto-aim, and things with no vehicles. My games of choice are: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age and Fable. Good games for passing the time and questing about, doing good in the world.
  4. Pinterest – as if this needs an explanation. Possibly the most efficient time-waster ever invented.
  5. Moping – I try not to overindulge in moping, as it loses its edge. Sometimes just lolling about on my bed, wishing I was in America, can kill an hour or two.
Not entirely productive pastimes, but there’s a limit to what you can do when you have no income and a lot of time on your hands.
I have also been volunteering at a Riding for the Disabled Centre for the last couple of weeks, and I have one more week with them. I do three days a week, helping out with yard work and leading in lessons. I have discovered my “sweeping” muscles, and I’m feeling pretty sore. Morally, I feel super.
How would you fill thirty days?

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