Passing the time

Sixteen days until I fly off to see Cowboy, which means sixteen days of finding ways to pass many hours without losing my mind.

Today, I watched five episodes of The West Wing back to back. That was a good start.

I’ve also peeled eight pears and three apples, cored and diced them, and I’m currently stewing them with some cinnamon, sugar, sultanas and the juice of a small orange. Look at the golden, bubbly goodness… Mmmm…

Apples and pears

Meanwhile, over in Washington (State), Cowboy is spending his days building fence. I don’t know the technical details about fence building – no doubt I will very soon learn – but as I understand it, it involves a lot of posts…


It’s back-breaking work, so I think he is most excited about getting a massage when I get out there. I don’t really blame him.

I’m going to go spend my afternoon rearranging my possessions and pretending to be productive.

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