I’ve been returned to London. Cowboy drove me from the US, over the Canadian border (much, much easier than driving into the US from Canada) and to the airport where I picked up the long flight home.

After a day in the Oxfordshire countryside, I drove back to my home in London. London had a distinctly autumnal smell to it in the dark and chilly night air. Before too long I’ll be wearing a scarf and my sheepskin boots again, watching fireworks and drinking vast amounts of tea just to keep warm.

But not yet. First, I spent a jet lagged afternoon in my parents’ garden, which couldn’t be more shamelessly English if it tried.

English country garden

Then this morning, I returned to university. With jet lag so severe that I thought I was going to vomit, faint, and die, I sat through several pointless lectures introducing us to year 2, and slept through one actually useful lecture about something I will need to know in the future (lumbar spine dysfunction).

Whilst away in America, I had various adventures and learning experiences which I will share in due course, but the most foolish thing I did out there was to buy something that literally eats money… But she’s so very pretty…

I just love to watch him ride. #sunshine #horse #cowboy #summer

This is Sunshine, she’s a 4 year old quarter horse mare with no breeding or papers to speak of. She’s not worth much money, and she came to us with a little too much jiggle in her jig, having been living the easy life for a while. Cowboy loves her. He’s turning her into a dream horse.

I get to deal with the sleeplessness and the jet lag for the next few days. Funny thing about the insomnia – it’s not because I’m not tired. It’s because it’s too quiet. I imagined I’d be glad to have the whole bed to myself and not have to endure Cowboy snoring down my ear, but the reality is I miss the sound of him being there. I miss his warm, solid presence. At night I feel exposed and alone without him.

“I ain’t sleepin’ for sh*t right now,” he said over the phone yesterday, which is Cowboy code for: he feels the same way.

He’s coming over to England for Christmas, just as soon as he gets his dates worked out with his bosses and I can book his tickets. It’s exciting beyond measure.

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