She’s alive! (And Thanksgiving)

CJ Cregg the spider, from my previous post, is alive and well and has survived the cold snap we had recently. I saw her slender leg peeking out from behind my wing mirror today, and she had spun a beautiful new web.

I then drove at 50mph down the A3 to go and see my brother and destroyed it. I feel rather bad about that.

It’s Thanksgiving over in America (I’d say ‘today’, but it’s past midnight here in the UK, and it’s still yesterday in America, so… never mind), and I’m not entirely clear what Thanksgiving is about beyond the fact that it’s about giving thanks.

Thanks for my glorious, technicolour, surround sound life. Thanks for my Cowboy. Thanks for my friends and family. Thanks for my good health. Thanks for the amazing teachers out in the world. More on teachers later.

Thanks for cramming everything I have to do this month into three days. I appreciate that.

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