The Small Cry

I have just come home from the trip taking Cowboy to the airport for his flight home. The airport run is always difficult for me. I usually battle to stay chipper and cheerful whilst the tears rise in my throat.

This time was made worse by the fact that the norovirus struck me last night, and I had next to no sleep all night, had to run up and down to the bathroom several times to be sick, and today I am shivery and aching and the thought of food makes me feel faint.

My dad offered to drive us to the airport, and I slouched on the back seat of the car while Cowboy sat in the front, and I managed to hold it all together until we had to walk in to the terminal and find his check in desk. Mostly, that was because I was concentrating so hard on not feeling like I was about to die that I didn’t have brain-space to consider crying.

We don’t do long, drawn-out goodbyes. Once I’d got him safely checked in and his bag dropped off, all he had to left to do was get through security. A quick kiss, a hug, and he said “See you later.” I forced a smile and said “Yep. See you soon.” Then I babbled about letting me know when he lands, and have a safe journey, none of which were things I needed to say. They were just an attempt to prolong his being here.

It’s been a lame ten days on paper: both of us were ill more than once, and to compound matters, our plan to have a romantic get-away and make up for er… “lost time” was scuppered by a very unglamorous affliction that struck me, and we were limited to cuddling. Only very little cuddling occurred, because either he or I were contagious, and neither of us can sleep well if we’re cuddling. The weather was miserable, and Christmas wasn’t as glittery and fabulous as we had imagined.

It made no difference to me. I loved him being here. I don’t love that he has gone again. As I always do after leaving him at the airport, or him leaving me at the airport, I have a small cry. It’s about the only way to deal with it.

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