Learning how not to over-think things

I am a chronic over-thinker. People I don’t even know tell me I’m over-thinking things (see my experience with a crash mat and a fake horse at the Centre of Horseback Combat).

I over-think what to wear in the morning. I over-think what people in the village would think if they saw me running (flailing) through the village in an attempt to get fitter. I over-think what people say. I over-think what people don’t say.

Since he left the UK and went home, Cowboy and I have slipped out of one of our old routines. Before, we would always message good morning and good night, every day. Didn’t matter what I was doing, the last thing I’d do at night would be to reach over, get my phone and type him a message: “Good night. Love you. xxx”

When he would send me a message some time in the afternoon saying “Good morning. Hope you have a beautiful day!” it would make me smile, and make me feel a warm sense of appreciation for him. It was as if he reached out through the phone and hugged me (this has an advantage over a real hug, in that he cannot tickle me this way).

We fell out of this habit recently. Maybe neither of us got back into the old routines this time. Life is a bit weird just now. Still, I found myself reading more and more into it. I decided he didn’t want to message me any longer. I decided that he didn’t say good morning any longer because he didn’t care if I had a beautiful day or not. I started to purposely not message him, to see if he did care. I started to rehearse the fight we could have about how he doesn’t care and never messages me, how he doesn’t make any effort.

Coupled with my PVP about my upcoming trip out there, I was becoming irrational and aggressive.

Then I started to panic, and realised I needed to address this before I over-thought it into a serious issue in our relationship. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to explain exactly how I felt: angry, frustrated, neglected. I planned to call him and give him an earful.

Luckily, I wimped out. I took a deep breath, and decided to message him, and be as calm and rational as possible. Here’s how the conversation went:

And just like that, all of the stress went *pooff* and vanished. I felt very silly indeed.

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