You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine…

You make me happy…

… When you’re not being a snarky knot-head, that is.

Sunshine has transformed in the months that I’ve been back home in the UK. I left Washington in the summer, leaving behind a plump, young, bratty horse with a canter that had a different leading leg with each stride. She was a teenager in her mindset – pushy, easily bored, and occasionally resentful of work. I left her in Cowboy’s big, capable, gentle hands and he set out to sculpt her into a better horse.

She looks different in one obvious way: her honey-coloured summer coat has been overgrown with her winter coat, which is long and shaggy, and lighter in colour. We don’t clip her, as she’s well-adapted to the cold weather and I want her to live as naturally as a horse as possible. She’s also slimmed down a lot.

The biggest change is in her attitude. She used to paw and fidget when tied up, and now she stands quietly and patiently. She used to throw her head or barge through me, and now she’s respectful of my space and minds her manners.

We’ve worked her a few times now, and took her to ranch sorting yesterday. We had some “discussions” to establish just who was in charge, and after that we’ve had some great rides. She really is turning into a solid horse.
She still has quite the attitude, though.

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