Snowed in

We had a winter storm and about a foot of snow came down over the course of two days. The wind was fairly vigorous and some large drifts piled up around the house.

At first, it was a lot of fun. The first morning, the dogs went racing out across the field and went gallivanting about.

Blue Dog loves the snow. He rolls in it, burrows in it and just loves to hang out in the cool air.
Cowboy donned his Carharrts and his hat and went out to shovel the driveway like a hero. My goodness.

you were out of the 30mph wind, it was really very pretty.

Driving in it was a little scary. My host has a beast of a Ford Bronco that handled it pretty well, but even so, it was an interesting drive into town for supplies.

I took a view that being indoors was preferable to being outdoors. I was rather surprised that, despite the foot of snow on each car, people were still intending to dig the cars out and go to other places, like work. This would never happen in Britain. Except probably in the north, where people are tougher and this kind of weather is more likely.

This morning was glorious. Crisp, bright and clean. I think maybe I’ll stay.

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