Measuring up

As part of my plan to transform myself from weakling to wonderwoman, I realised I needed a way to measure my progress. A month in America doing little else than eating and sitting about hasn’t been the best way to start, but on the other hand it gives me a clean break from one way of life and way forward into another.

I took some measurements, which I’m about to share with you here. Now, I’d like to clarify something: I’m by no means looking to lose weight. I don’t want to become smaller, or get a thigh gap, or see my clavicle. No thanks. What I want to is to be fit enough to run without heaving up a lung. I want to be strong enough to lift hay bales. I want to fill out my clothing with firm curves of a healthy, powerful body.

So, here goes. I would actually like a good few of these measurements to go up as I train.

  • Calves: 13 1/2″
  • Above-knee: 15 1/2″ on the right, 15 1/4″ on the left (remnant of injury and muscle wasting)
  • Mid-thigh: 18 1/4″ on the right, 18″ on the left.
  • Upper thigh: 21 1/4″ on both sides
  • Butt: 37″ (this definitely needs to go up)
  • Hips: 31″
  • Waist: 27 3/4″
  • Chest (bra-level): 30″ (the bra-fitting lady knew her stuff)
  • Chest (above boobs): 34″
  • Upper arms: 10″
  • Neck: 13″

There we go. I’d like my calves and thighs to tone up. By “tone”, I don’t mean get firmer, I mean get bigger. I want muscle. My butt needs shape and size, because right now it is flimsy and flat and doesn’t help me jump up in the saddle at all. My thighs need to grow, particularly the left which is still atrophied from injury in September. My arms need more muscle too. My upper body strength is non-existent.

I’ll attempt to remember to update these as I go. Today, I begin conditioning.

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