Efforts in creativity

Things have been a bit mad recently. I’ll explain later. The long and short of it is I’ve needed to find ways to silence my brain, and to focus on one small task at a time. Otherwise the deluge of information and ideas is rather overwhelming.

I spent quite a bit of time over the Christmas period crafting jewellery, and I’ve picked it up again in the last few days. There’s something rather zen about picking apart a piece of unloved jewellery and piecing something new together.

jewellery 002

I was given a whole bunch of beaded jewellery by an old housemate before she moved out, which has bulked out my collection of materials considerably, but I’ve also made a few purchases here and there.

jewellery 003

These interesting coloured chip beads came from Fishtail, Montana. The shop had strings and strings of locally sourced mineral beads. I had to limit myself to just the two colours.

jewellery 010

jewellery 009

I love them, and I want to make use of them, but the holes drilled in them are a little small for the metal findings I use. I’ll either have to attempt to learn about using thread or wire, or find myself a drill.

jewellery 102

Some of my creations are simpler than others. I have a few different colours to work with, and gold is not something I would usually wear. I’m quite tempted to try now that I’ve been playing with it a bit.

But these are probably my favourites…

jewellery 106

I’m in the process of opening up a shop on Etsy, but being the sort of person who agonises over these things, it’ll take me a while before I can summon the courage to get it up and running properly.

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