Wise Words

In January, I posted about a deeply personal situation. In hindsight, perhaps I should not have done so – although I took efforts to protect the identities of people I spoke about, and to do my best not to be openly offensive. I was, however, feeling defensive. Out of defence, I made a judgement, a wrong one. Despite many hundreds of thousands of people voicing their opinions and judgements on the internet, many of them offensive and insensitive, I am reluctant to make my feelings public.

However, I did make my thoughts public. This is a public blog. I am sorry if my voicing my feelings has caused hurt (but my right to voice them is unchanged). I have removed the posts, and removed an insensitive comment that was left with the sole intention of hurting me, but exposed another person in a way which I did not feel was acceptable. I was not comfortable with such personal details about somebody who has been hurt being freely available to strangers.

It is human instinct to seek out the sources of our pain, and to do whatever we can to stop them. If we cannot resolve the pain, we strike out at other things. We seek out other reasons for our anger and our hurt, and hope that this time we will feel better.

I came to terms with what happened some time ago. His Holiness the Dalai Lama can express what I am trying to do far better than I can. Please watch, listen and absorb.

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