Fear and hate

I had flu the last few days. It was pretty miserable. I’m starting to come back from it now, and I’m enjoying the “massive and sore lymph nodes in the neck” phase. Immunity is an amazing thing.

I am often overly concerned with other people’s feelings, to a fault. It’s a weakness of mine, a powerful urge to please everybody, all the time, even if it means sacrificing my own needs, wants and desires. I take grudges held by others very personally, even when they’re not held against me.

I’m reminded of Master Yoda’s wise words.

Fear is our protective emotion. It drives our desire to survive. But to live in fear of other people being fearful, angry or hateful is not really surviving…

So, I’m taking a lesson from this guy:

Keep your footing, as best you can, and trot on…

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