Buckaroo Country Photography

For a while now, I have been following a page on Facebook called Buckaroo Country. It was owned and run by Mary Williams Hyde, and she showcased her stunning photography from around the Great Basin (and beyond) as she travelled to brandings, ranch rodeos, roping competitions, cattle gatherings, and more.

She has the most wonderful eye for the horse and the horseman. The buckaroo tradition is not to be confused with cowboying – and although I call him Cowboy, he’s more of a buckaroo. Cowboys are focused on cows. The buckaroo’s world and work is about his horse. Mary captures this life so well.

As I am just learning about this life and the traditions carried along by the fine horsemen and women, Mary’s Facebook page was a total delight.

Then one day, posts appeared that were clearly not posted by Mary. They appeared all day, at regular intervals, with sensationalist and attention-grabbing headlines. Mary’s page had been hacked and taken over. In just a few days, her following of over half a million people was destroyed.

Mary fought back, and set up another page. Her following is smaller, but devoted. She still shares her photographs with us, freely and generously. Take a moment to see her work, and support this wonderful artist.

Click here for Mary’s new and spam-free Facebook page. Be a good egg and press “like” while you’re there 😉

Click here for Mary’s website, where you can purchase prints, books, subscribe to her eMagazine, and support her journey.

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