Ridiculously easy and delicious smoked salmon samphire pasta

I discovered this by accident the other day, in one of my “throw everything in a pan and cook it” experiments. This meal is so obscenely delicious, it almost shouldn’t be allowed. It’s also one of the easiest things you’ll ever make. And you will make it. Because it is amazing.

Insanely good food. Smoked salmon, broccoli and samphire pasta with lemon. Recipe on the blog any minute now.

You will need:
Pasta (I like fusilli, but any shape will do)
Smoked salmon (that’s lox, to my American readers)
Broad beans or peas (optional)
Samphire (Americans, I believe this is known as Salicornia. Try and get fresh, pickled will not be the same)
A lemon

Put your pasta on to boil, with a pinch of salt (don’t add too much, there’s a lot of salt coming). While it’s starting to cook, chop up the broccoli into small pieces. Chunk up the stalk into cubes – it’s good stuff!

When the pasta is about 5 minutes from being cooked, throw your broccoli and broad beans or peas into the water with it.

Shred the smoked salmon into generous pieces, and smother with lemon juice and black pepper. Rinse the samphire well.

When the pasta, broccoli and beans are done, drain off the water and return them to the pan. Add a serious chunk of butter (I’m talking a chunk the size of an egg, here. A large egg…) and stir it around to melt and coat the pasta and veg with goodness. Stir in the samphire to warm through. Add the rest of the juice of your lemon. Avoid the temptation to add salt – samphire can be extremely salty, and the salmon will also add to the flavour.

Serve up in bowls, and then throw the smoked salmon on the top (or you could stir it in to get that hot smoked salmon finish – equally delicious). Add more lemon and pepper to taste. Devour. Wonder how you ever functioned before.

Any leftovers are wonderful as cold salad, aided by a good squeeze of mayonnaise.


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