When the Cowboy is away, mice will… clean.

Cowboy is away for the weekend with the caballos, and I am staying at home with the cat and the dog and my cold medication. I’m attempting to use these three days of relative quiet to reorganise our haphazard little home and try to establish some kind of order to the place.

When Cowboy moved in, without me, he pretty much just camped wherever his stuff landed. When I came to visit, I stashed most things in the cupboard nearest to wherever they had landed. This means I have a whole cupboard dedicated to plastic bags, bookshelves covered in tools, and a closet full of junk.

The first thing I’ve done is to go through the box of small change from our bedroom. I’ve made $80 this weekend! Hooray!

I do love the days when I can find the best part of $80 in change and singles. This is a small haul compared to previous change-sorting missions.I’ve learned how to fold a fitted sheet courtesy of Youtube, and folded all of my fitted sheets. It’s the little victories that make my day worthwhile.

I ate more of my weird soup that I made the other day, and it has only improved with age. The spice has really ramped up. Mmmm…

Blue Dog after a bath

I emptied out our walk-in closet in the bedroom and found all of Cowboy’s guitar picks (he is always complaining he can’t find any). I also found more money. Hooray again!

Then I gave Blue Dog a bath, because he smelled horrific and I couldn’t stand it any longer.

He took it well. His old trick of lying on the ground like a dead weight beside the bathtub didn’t work for him. Since I became Amazonian and strong, I can now lift him. He decided to get in the tub of his own accord after I manhandled him a couple of times, and that made the whole experience more pleasant for both of us.

Once he was sweet-smelling and no longer a menace to society, he was very keen to go outside. He promptly ran to the back field and rolled…

Blue Dog after a bath

… and rolled…

Blue Dog after a bath

… and rolled…

Blue Dog after a bath

I didn’t think he was going to stop…

Blue Dog after a bath

Eventually he was satisfied and we came back inside, where I managed to make more mess than I had tidied up in the closet. I abandoned the project midway through.

I finally put away my suitcases in the shed, and rearranged a few things in there so that it is actually accessible and no longer a minefield. While I was outside, I pulled up a weed or two that I could see, thinking I’d head back inside and finish the closet.

Two hours later, I was still ripping out weeds. I would still be ripping out weeds if my 90 gallon garden waste bin wasn’t completely full, and it wasn’t dark. I have a lot of weeds. I grew them myself.

Tomorrow: I finish the closet project, and the living room project. We might be getting somewhere.

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