Investing in the nesting

Our friends and family were extraordinarily generous to us when Cowboy and I got married. Amongst the gifts were gift cards to a place I had never heard of before: Bed, Bath & Beyond.

“OH, I love Bed, Bath & Beyond!” my sister gasped. She usually has good knowledge about where to shop, so I grabbed my computer when we got home and went to scout out the website.

Well, goodness me, I nearly died of excitement.

I have spent the last three weeks – as Cowboy and I have been happily married for three whole weeks – agonising over what to spend these precious gift cards on. One cast iron trivet? Two cast iron trivets?? Turkey lifters? Maybe not turkey lifters… Wine glasses? No wine glasses. Wait, actually, wine glasses are essential. And seeing as it’s a wedding gift, let’s get red wine glasses and white wine glasses. Stemless wine glasses!

Let’s get pillows. No, maybe not pillows, we can get a Le Creuset honey pot instead! And a lamp. I do love a nice lamp. Cowboy has been hankering for a coat rack, so we’ll get a coat rack. Clearly I also need a butter dish, and a slow cooker.

In short, it was a spectacular shopping experience, and a glorious opportunity to nest into our little home. I had to remind myself not to feel guilty about getting the little luxuries, they’re gifts from people who wanted us to have what we really wanted. I’m not planning on being eligible for wedding gifts again, so one ought to make the most of it.

The delivery should be some time next week. I’m beyond excited about finally being a grown up, with grown up things.

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