New friend

I came across an unexpected companion just now. I was picking up rubbish outside, because I can’t help myself from caring, even though it isn’t my rubbish and we are moving in a week, and had ventured into a pasture that we haven’t used in a while. There is a piece of what looks like felt or a wool blanket piled in one corner. I went to pick it up when I noticed I was being watched.


Oh, hi friend! I didn’t see you there!


I felt confident about taking pictures because a) there are no poisonous snakes this side of the Cascades, and b) this snake was about as big as a pencil and didn’t seem very interested in starting a fight of any kind. He was mostly concerned with getting back into a nice sunny spot.

Google informs me that he is just a garter snake, so I have no cause for alarm. I like to stay positive about various critters that I’m encountering – my new snake friend will be helpful in keeping down the population of pests, and is likely to keep himself to himself (or herself… I didn’t ask). There are plenty of less desirable critters out there, who aren’t nearly so polite.


I took my pictures and left him to go about his snakey day. I also let him keep the blanket. It wasn’t really in anybody’s way anyway.

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