A non-break

I just came back to school for another ten weeks, today, after a “break” (*hysterical laughing*) of about ten days. My mid-semester break was rather a non-break.

“A change is as good as a rest,” they say (whoever they are, and what the heck do they know anyway?). It was definitely a change. Rather than the three hour commute and the five hours in class with nothing but Clif bars and tangerines to keep me going, followed by the afternoon somewhere with Wifi, and the random exploration of Seattle and its surroundings, I stayed at home, at our new house, where I barely sat down for half an hour in five days.

I painted. I painted two bedrooms, obliterating the gloss pink and purple, and obliterating the startlingly bright blue from the bedroom. At least now I can sleep better at night.

I also unpacked boxes upon boxes, and discarded enough cardboard to built a life sized replica of the QE2, or at the very least, a substantial fort in the living room. I rather wish I had gone the fort route. It would have given me somewhere to hide this morning.

I learned how to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower. I trekked up and down to the pastures and the arena, and out to the barn, and the shop, and back and forth from the car or the truck, and around and around the shops, until my feet threatened to cease functioning altogether.

I had a lot of change, and no rest at all. I am looking at the ten weeks ahead with a vague sense of resignation. I will get my rest when it’s all done. When school is finished, when our trip to the UK is finished, when I can finally wake up one morning and legitimately lie in for an extra hour, maybe then I will feel rested.

Until then, I am resuming my odd school life, snarfing down flatbreads and scones at Panera Bread while I consider buying new jeans (my faithful pair of Guess jeans are now utterly threadbare and ruined), stare mindlessly at Pinterest, and quietly ignore my school work in the hope that it will go away. No such luck.

(An hour or so later) I bit the bullet and did my homework. Now I can feel mildly smug for five minutes before resuming my non-break.

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