Simple things: Avocado Toast

Yesterday, I was at home unexpectedly, and Cowboy was out at work all day, so I found myself with a bizarre burst of energy that only comes with an impromptu holiday when you weren’t prepared for one. It was like some kind of summer snow day.

I got a few dull but essential tasks done – I finally got my name changed on my Social Security card, now that I have the required pieces of paper, and I stopped in at Bed, Bath & Beyond on the way home and bought a towel hanger, a hook, and a shelf, towel hanger thing that hangs on the back of the bathroom door. I’m not going to admit how long it took me to put these things together and get them put up, because it’s embarrassing, and I don’t want to taint the sense of accomplishment that came with the eventual (slightly wonky) victory over hardware and power tools.

I also spent some time outside in the garden (or “yard” as it is so inelegantly named in the USA), and pulled out several thousand buttercups from a flowerbed which turned out to have some very determined strawberry plants growing in it too. Hurrah!

I stripped out a big bunch of spearmint from the herb bed too, which is looking rather rampant and splendid. Here are the chive flowers, which the bees are very much enjoying.


Happy bees make for a happy Bee. I could sit and watch them guzzling down nectar all day long.

I also had another temporary loss of brain function, and while Cowboy was out at work, I seized upon the opportunity to do some stealth painting. This meant I had to clear the shelf behind the sink, and the worktop, paint the wall with two coats of paint, wait for it to dry, tape the edges, paint the trim with gloss paint, wait forĀ that to dry, and replace everything on the shelf and the worktop all before Cowboy got home and noticed what an absurd thing I was doing.

I think I got away with it.

During the paint madness, I needed something fast and delicious to eat, that would require zero preparation and minimal washing up. Cue: avocado toast. One of my most favourite things to eat, ever.

Grab an avocado! Chop it in half and marvel and how totally beautiful it is. Whisper in its little ear that it is going to be delicious, so it has a little pep talk. Or don’t whisper at it, which would be normal behaviour. That’s ok too.

Avocado toast

Then select your bread of choice! I hate the bread here, unless it’s the fresh made artisan $8 for a loaf stuff, so I went for a sourdough English muffin (the non-English muffin being the absurdly large cupcake, of course). Toast that thing until it’s just how you like it. I like mine good and browned and crispy, so it goes through the toaster twice.

Avocado toast

Get a fork, and smoosh half an avocado on to your toasted bread of choice. Muffins being small, I put a quarter of the avocado on each half. Cram as much of that glorious green goop on there as you possibly can. Top it off with some sea salt, some freshly ground black pepper, and a good squeeze of lime juice.


Look at that. Om. Nom. Nom. Devour, and immediately make yourself a second round, because that avocado was just right.

Sorry about the terrible lighting. My kitchen has terrible lighting, and I was too hungry to wander about with the plate looking for a good photo opportunity. I’m just not that kind of person.

(Want to know a secret? Limes are expensive! I used the lime juice that comes in the plastic lime shaped bottle, not fresh lime juice. And that’s ok! Because not everybody can afford limes all the time.)

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