To Do List

I’ve been gone for a while. Life got totally crazy for a while there, but it is beginning to feel vaguely under control. We took a brief trip back to the UK over the weekend, and the enforced time off from the farm and from work has given me a moment to pause, breathe, and think about my To Do List.

Part of my problem is that I can never remember what is in my brain from one five minutes to the next, so I live on lists and things that are written down. Not written down? Doesn’t exist. Doesn’t happen. Not important. A good To Do List is one of the staple means for me to function like a normal human being and not just sit in my chair playing Skyrim all day. A To Do List gives me structure, direction, and serves as my short term (and sometimes long term) memory.

I felt very proud of myself that I spent some time thinking about what I need to focus on when I got back from my trip, and I was all ready to construct a new list to keep me on track.

Except I can’t remember a single thing that I was going to write on that list.

2 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. My father’s rule, Mac’s rule, is that if you get 1/3 of the things done in a day that you thought you could, you are doing well…. he said we all consistently underestimate how long things will take. I make a list and then I divide by three and prioritize. If I get one more than 1/3 done, WOW! I have so performed!
    It’s very freeing…. and if we can only get 1/3 of the things done in our life that we’d like to do…. think and choose….

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