Life Goes On

What a week. What a blinding, absurd, ridiculous week. Do you know what I mean? I’m sure you feel it too.

It is late on Friday night. I have done the closest thing I can to lighting a fire Continue reading

Musical Therapy

On a whim, and in a bid to smother the noise from Cowboy’s boxing game on the TV, I put on my Beats headphones and I clicked on an album in my iTunes that I haven’t listened to in quite some time. It was Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye is my guilty pleasure (one of many). He might not be the most authentic hip hop artist out there, but I do see some talent in his poetry, and the beats are always good. I resolved to let the album run, without skipping ahead. It’s been a throwback. Continue reading

Buffy and the Beast

I have just come in from the pouring rain. A storm is brewing just off the coast, heralded as potentially one of the worst storms in recent history, and all I can hope is that the roof stays on the barn and the trees by the house are old enough and strong enough not to blow down on us while we can’t sleep for the din of the rain on the tin roof.

I stood in the rain behind the barn, cradling my buff brahma hen, Buffy Summers. I told her I was sorry that I hadn’t done better for her. Continue reading

Stationery Porn

I just wasted approximately three hours browsing the internet for some kind of stationery porn. A few weeks ago, the fabulous Susie of My Milo & Me posted on her Instagram about a stationery delivery subscription service, Proper Post. I am a big fan of beautiful paper, pens and pencils, and also just about the worst person ever at remembering to buy and send cards of any kind for any occasion. I finally revisited her post, determined to treat myself to something lovely for the next 12 months.

My sadness came at the realisation that Proper Post is a British-based company, hence the beautiful sense of style that so appealed to me, but the chances are they don’t deliver to Washington as part of their First Class Post deal. But maybe they do! I emailed them to ask. Continue reading

Runtastic and the Horse Who Doesn’t Run

I tried running for a while. It was the barefoot running craze time, everybody lusted after a pair of Vibram Fivefingers – I tried those too and hated them. I even ran a few “Extreme Trail” races. I hated those too. Well, I hated the running part. I didn’t mind the mud and the camaraderie at all.

A friend of mine has been using Runtastic to track all of her rides on her three horses for the year. Facebook will pop up with her stats, which she simply labels with the name of whichever horse she was riding. Some days she rides more than one of them. I spend a few minutes staring at the time she has put in, wondering how on earth she manages it, and then I remember something important about her. Continue reading

Beating the Binge

Britain is well known for it’s binging culture. Mostly for the binge drinking of alcohol, which I think is a misnomer, because “binge” suggests a period of not partaking followed by complete gluttony, and generally I think Britain is a regular excess drinker. But the binge that I’m talking about today is not booze. It’s my own personal struggle against decadence until I want to vomit: sugar. Continue reading

Last night, I dreamed I was pregnant – a kickstart

I dreamed I was really, really pregnant. That baby was due any minute now. I was tired, breathless, my back hurt, and I struggled in and out of chairs. I wondered for a moment if I should cancel my personal training session for that day, seeing as how I might be having a baby any minute. I pondered if maybe we should go to Walmart and at least buy a crib, as we didn’t have any baby supplies at home yet, and this baby was coming any minute.

I woke up, momentarily wondering if the weight I could feel on my belly really was a growing baby… Continue reading

The Laundry Room Renovation

I live in a tiny house. Teeny tiny eeny weeny house. The bonus of this is that I can vaccuum the entire floor area without unplugging the hoover from one room to another. Another bonus is that the WIFI signal reaches powerfully into every room, and halfway across the yard, unlike at my parents’ house, where, during our Christmas visit, our bedroom was the only room in the house with zero WIFI signal, and the only place where I wanted to use the internet. A con to living in a teeny tiny house is not quite having enough space sometimes.

We came home after Christmas and Cowboy offered to make a start on the teeny tiny laundry room for me. This project has been poorly planned on my part. I ordered appliances in the Black Friday sales and got myself a stonking deal, but beyond that, I hadn’t quite figured out the finer details.

The set up that we had inherited from the previous owners was sketchy at best. It is a minuscule room. A top loading washer and a front loading dryer were installed along the long wall, in front of the window. On the opposite wall was a line of wall cabinets which came down just far enough to make it impossible to get into either the washer or the dryer without bending double and doing some funky gymnastics. I used to grab the laundry out of the dryer and have to reverse, with my head by my knees, arse first, out of the tiny gap beneath the cabinets, scattering socks and underwear as I went. It needed to change. It was absurd.

Cowboy was keen to get my appliances out of his shop, so he was eager to crack on, and crack on he did. Continue reading