Simple things: Avocado Toast

Yesterday, I was at home unexpectedly, and Cowboy was out at work all day, so I found myself with a bizarre burst of energy that only comes with an impromptu holiday when you weren’t prepared for one. It was like some kind of summer snow day.

I got a few dull but essential tasks done – I finally got my name changed on my Social Security card, now that I have the required pieces of paper, and I stopped in at Bed, Bath & Beyond on the way home and bought a towel hanger, a hook, and a shelf, towel hanger thing that hangs on the back of the bathroom door. I’m not going to admit how long it took me to put these things together and get them put up, because it’s embarrassing, and I don’t want to taint the sense of accomplishment that came with the eventual (slightly wonky) victory over hardware and power tools. Continue reading