Home alone

Cowboy is away for the weekend, working cows for the Westside Team Penning Club. Sunshine had to go with him, as she is one of our most capable cow horses, and also good at taking care of beginners – and her rider this weekend has been on a horse all of two times. He has natural talent, so I am sure they will be fine. I stayed behind to hold the fort.

I’m not entirely alone, either. Blue Dog is sulking on the sofa beside me, and Richard is prowling about the house catching flies. For horse companions, Mr T is always happy to see me, and we have another horse here in training who is quite the character.

And just outside our living room window is this wonderful rhododendron bush covered in flowers. The bush is teeming with bees, happily going about their business. It is one of those things that makes me happy every time I look at it.

This happy bush is full of bees. I could watch them all day.Have a great weekend, all.