On being not quite ready

I graduate (one hopes) next Thursday, and will be sent out into the world to go and be a fully fledged massage practitioner. I’m not quite ready to leave the comfort of the classroom, nor to leave my interesting and wonderful classmates, who have been my first real social group since I moved to Washington. It is great to have made so many new friends, but most of them live in and around Seattle and think that Bellingham is basically in Canada. I will need to make an extra effort to keep in touch with them all.

I am taking the State licensing exam tomorrow, which is the last real hurdle in my training, and I feel not quite ready for that too. Some of the anatomy classes that I will be relying on for my knowledge were taken quite some years ago, and I am hoping that my brain has filed the information away in some way that will allow me to dredge up the correct answer without too much angst.

Then we have a long weekend, which will include the America-fest that is the Fourth of July. Continue reading

When Big Moments Pass By

Some pretty big stuff is happening. Cowboy and I actually went out on Saturday night, as in some kind of date, I wore makeup and washed my hair and everything. We danced together, I ate greasy food and felt a bit sick, we went home and he was up for talking into the small hours and I really wanted to sleep off my grease nausea; it was romantic as heck.

We bought a barbecue, like grown up people. Admittedly, it came from Walmart, but it should see us through a few years.

I entered the last four weeks of school, which is rapidly approaching the last three weeks. Three weeks sounds like a long time until it’s flying by and I realise I need to pack my suitcase for England a week ahead of time, as I’ll be going straight from school to the airport. School has been tough to manage, but as we laughed our way through class today, I knew I will miss all of the wonderful people I have met and been lucky to spend time with over the last few months.

On Friday, I finally swung a leg over Mr T and rode him. Continue reading

Playing with ponies all weekend

I had a plan for the weekend, which involved getting all sorts of stuff done and being super productive – I was going to finish unpacking the remaining boxes from the move, and get everything put away, and clean all the things, and bake a loaf of bread (HAHAHA), do all the laundry, fold everything, put it away, get ahead on my school homework, eat nothing but salad and fruit and healthy proteins, give no fewer than four massages so I could get ahead on my practice hours, and I was going to do all of this while looking super glamorous and energetic.

In short, I did none of these things. I did a few other productive things, like mow the lawn (badly), and we threw a birthday party for a friend of ours which meant we could break out the tiny barbecue that Cowboy was given as a graduation present some years ago, and I made an apple crumble and some custard for pudding. I almost cried at how much like home it tasted.

We also sent one horse on to his new home, and welcomed one in to our home. Continue reading