An Audit

We spent several business management classes at school discussing how best to avoid a dreaded audit from the IRS (like the Inland Revenue) every year when we file our endless and absurd taxes that don’t even provide a national health service.

I’m sorry, I must have slipped on to my soapbox there. Let me hop down again.

An audit would mean having to find all of the documents that support what your taxes are saying. Receipts, invoices, reports, statements, pay slips, that scribbled note from somebody who promised they’d trade you a massage for a custom belt. It means somebody taking a good look at the picture you’ve painted of your life and making sure that you aren’t fibbing to everybody.

I’m sitting in Panera Bread (I have a problem, they put crack in the scones, I’m certain), about to open my text books and do my homework. This in itself is unusual – I am a die-hard last minute homework doer, and this homework isn’t due in for two whole days. I could do it tomorrow, but I’m oddly keen to get it out of the way today. Over the weekend, I finished my homework in the more traditional fashion: late on Sunday night. Except for I finished without rushing, with time to spare before I panicked about going to bed. This included the time it took to dick around with the printer and make it work, which was a solid forty minutes of going back and forth, sighing, and of course tutting. Continue reading

Teeny tiny victories

Life has felt vastly out of control for a few days. Since we came back from Montana, I haven’t yet managed to parcel up and squirrel away the mountain of clothing that spewed out of our cases – adding to the mountain that spewed out of the bags that arrived from my shipment from the UK. I also had a mountain of items stacked in the living rom, and the kitchen was something of a biohazard. It was rather shameful.

I also hit a January low, and was close to hiding in a bed-shaped hole for several days. The first of several small victories was getting out of the bed-shaped hole and cracking on with the days at a reasonable hour. Hurrah!

The next eeny weeny victory was going out on the trail with Cowboy and making it through the creek twice, including a moment where Sunshine bunny hopped over a log/puddle combination, without breaking down in tears (although we came close). This might sound absurd, but it is a gigantic accomplishment in my return-to-confidence journey.

Out on the trail today!

Itsy bitsy victory three was making my heartwarming broccoli cheese soup for supper last night and getting Cowboy’s seal of approval. I think this is the first meat free meal I’ve ever made him. I doubt I’ll get away with it on a regular basis, but we are getting closer to having similar dietary habits.

Today, my petite victory was hoovering most of the house and doing four loads of laundry. I’m also working towards using up a few of the things in the freezer, to make space for new things. I’m a terrible hoarder. If I had a bigger freezer, I’d feel far better prepared for the apocalypse.

Order is slowly but surely being restored. One incy wincy victory at a time.