Things I learned in the kitchen today

Hello again. I made a few discoveries while I was puttering about in the kitchen today. None were monumental. Here they are:

  1. I am almost out of butter. I cook with butter more than oil. I thought I still had a big Costco pack of butter in the freezer. I do not. The butter shortage is making me nervous.
  2. We need more than one tea infuser for brewing loose leaf tea in a mug. I’m also running lower than I’d like on good teabags from England, so I’m tapping in to the loose leaf supplies. We have one good infuser and one bad infuser. More good ones needed, because washing them out is a pain in the backside.
  3. A single-wide trailer house has a kitchen suitable for preparing foods that come from jars or tins or packets. Less suitable for meals that require more than three ingredients to be out of the cupboards at any one time.
  4. I used to think that Pioneer Woman’s drawers for flour and sugar were excessive and decadent and why on earth would you possibly need easy access to that much flour and sugar? Having tried to make a few things in the kitchen using these ingredients, I now understand. I now aspire to having drawers for flour and sugar.

Then there’s this little gem that I discovered…

I was making cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time, just to see if I could (hence my angst about the butter shortage), but Pioneer Woman had noted that her recipe made seven tins worth of rolls. I couldn’t fathom what I would do with seven tins of cinnamon rolls, other than spike my blood sugar, so I set about making a batch with half of the recipe. So, discovery number 5?

When halving a recipe, write yourself a note on a fluorescent post-it instructing you to halve all of the ingredients, and stick it on the screen. 

This will prevent the disappointment of stirring together what was promising dough and realizing that I have just added twice as much salt and flour as I was supposed to.

I had to sit and hug the bowl of dough and mourn for a moment, before I threw it away. Lesson learned.