Barn fairies

Cowboy came in from riding his last horse of the day and sat down in his chair.

“The barn fairies came while we were watching TV.” We had been killing time over lunch and I had put onĀ Dance Moms because it looked astounding and mystifying and I couldn’t help myself. Cowboy endured one episode and gallantly said he couldn’t watch any more of it, so it will have to be my guilty secret pleasure when he’s not home.

“Huh?” I said, in my most eloquent way. “What? Are you? What? Barn fairies?”

“Yep. Stalls are all cleaned. They even raked the round pen.”

“Huh?” I said again. I thought he was joking, or trying to imply that I should be out helping because the work doesn’t do itself. We’d just talked about how the round pen could do with being raked, and how we’d love a four-wheeler and an arena drag so we could work the ground in there.

“Yeah. The girls came and cleaned while we were inside. I caught ’em just as they were finishing up.”

Our friends had snuck in to the barn. While I am under the weather, and Cowboy is busy with the horses that came in for training, somebody else doing our barn chores is a huge act of kindness.

Thank you, barn fairies. You know who you are… We love you.